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Sample Magic - MIDI Elements: Lo-Fi Pop Drum Kits (EXS, MASCHINE, MIDI, WAV, ABLETON, BATTERY) 

MIDI Elements: Lo-Fi Pop Drum Kits
Издатель: Sample Magic
Качество: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo
Описание: MIDI Elements: Lo-Fi Pop Drum Kits brings together a collection of tape-driven 12-bit drum hits processed across 12 kits including Ableton Drum Racks, Battery, EXS24, Kong, and Maschine.
Program authentic nostalgic drum machine grooves crafted for raw, DIY inspired shoegaze and chillout music.
MIDI Elements: Lo-Fi Pop Drum Kits is a thrilling take on the fundamentals of lo-fi and indie.
Meticulously mapped to General MIDI, load up any of the bundled MIDI workouts and instantly have a killer groove rolling.
Expect raw rhythms, microgrooves and minimal beats in an instant.
As a bonus, we have also included a collection of 205 extra drum hits served with sampler formats for instant inspiration.
A one-stop shop for intricate beat making...
The Lo-Fi Pop Drum Ableton Racks feature everything you need to start crafting top quality beats immediately.
Quickly create an intricate and perfectly processed drum mix.
Once you have found your starting point, tailor your sound using unique and complex effects and sampler processing including:
• Transient Shaper
• Compressor
• Room Reverb
• Lo-Fi Processing
• Vinyl Crackle
• High Pass Filter
• Low Pas Filter
• Limiter
**Please note: Ableton Live 9.7.4 or later is required to run the drum racks. The demo contains samples from Lo-Fi Pop.


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• 349 x 24-bit WAV Files
• 50 x Rex2 files
• 50 x Apple Loops
• 101 x MIDI Files
• 10 x Ableton Drum Racks
• 10 x Battery 4 Kits
• 10 x EXS24 Kits
• 10 x Kong Kits
• 10 x Maschine Kits
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